Jha work predominantly within the framework of the RIBA Plan of work stages indicated below:
RIBA Plan of Work overview
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Note: This document sets out the scope of works and deliverables at each stage of a project and informs any client of the overall process. This also acts as a guide to all those involved in the project.

Jha, however, treat each project as unique and are able to work flexibly within a bespoke framework as required and can develop specific processes and strategies to best suit any given project.

Jha have the capability to take projects from Concept stage to completion.  In addition, Jha have the ability to develop schemes from a various of stages and have the experience to quickly assess the required input and move projects forward in an effectively manor.

Jha are able to quickly develop initial feasibility studies to enable client’s and developers to assess the potential and viability of a project, thereby, preventing wasted time on schemes with no potential.  In association with this Jha have good relations with a number of Planning Consultants who can assist with providing early input.

Jha do not work in isolation and understand that good design is born out of listening to the client and meeting their brief and delivering the finished product. Design is a collaborative process.  

Jha believe establishing a clear brief is a fundamental cornerstone of any project, this both assist any client with the crystallization of ideas and enable Jha to have clarity of the design objectives.

Jha have the capability and knowledge to act as Project Managers on a variety of developments, both commercial and domestic.  With this come a wealth of experience gained over 30 years of experience.

Jha have experience with a variety of building contracts and have worked on both traditional and design and build contracts.

Jha understand that cost is a key driver in any project and have developed strong links with a number of Quantity Surveyors who can provide initial indications of cost and provide good cost control throughout a project.  This also provides the added benefits of value engineering during the design process.  

Jha have developed a network of trusted sub-consultants to assist with all the necessary skills to successfully deliver all types of projects, however, Jha are more than happy to engage in new links with other preferred suppliers.

Jha utilize in-house 3D modelling to develop designs and concepts so that designs can be fully analysed and understood. These models can be used at later stages and create both photo realistic images and drawings for detail design.

Jha are committed to providing clear information and set high standards in the production of technical information and specifications.  Jha are able to provide NBS specifications for integrations into tender information and are able to integrate and co-ordinate the design to ensure all disciplines are covered.

Jha are well versed in contract administration and contributing and monitoring the works during the construction phase.  This is to ensure that the works are being undertaken to the required standard and queries are address at an early stage.

Jha are committed to handing over projects defect free and in a timely manner.  Jha also understand that all appropriate certification and documentation is a prerequisite at this juncture to ensure the benefit of occupation.